MAZE Protocol — The First Fundraising Platform on TRON Blockchain.

MAZE —  Secure fundraising protocol based on JustSwap and TRON Blockchain.

Introducing MAZE

MAZE is a brand new fundraising platform with multi-purpose use. Main feature is to allow beneficiary and depositors flexibility, security and peace of mind.

Our firstly use case will be token sale platform with security based on liquidity locking on JustSwap — temporary or indefinite with additional features such as staking, voting and automatic DAO creation.

Secondly we will consider others purposes like Crowdfunding Platform, Charity Funding Platform and Community Bet System Platform.

From the very beginning, we would like that the community will be able to actively co-decide on the main goals and directions of development of the MAZE Protocol. Voting will be available for hodlers or stakers (if community decides about staking — this is part of presale).

MAZE will be a deflationary token — all non-charity funds will be taxed. All taxes will be used to buy and burn MAZE tokens.

MAZE Token Details:

Symbol: MAZE
Type: TRC20
Address: TW1DyRnnpaYDmRKgRo1nemMLdz7TnZHxCm

MAZE Token Presale:

Presale commences: 6 November 2020 at 6 pm UTC. End time depends on deposit balance, its 20 November 2020 at 6 pm UTC plus one day (24h) for each 4,000,000 TRX deposited. Each investor can deposit from 100 TRX to 200,000 TRX.

Presale will be available at:

Presale supports referrals — when someone uses your referral link you get 2.5% of what they deposit.

Team tokens will be timelocked and released at set intervals.

Marketing and Exchange Listings

We will list MAZE on JustSwap immediately after the sale is completed. We intend to add 55% deposited funds and 20% MAZE total supply. It’s important to be strategic with JustSwap listings and add liquidity at the right times. JustSwap liquidity will be locked.

We will pursue more exchange listings. No guarantees can realistically be made, however we will be approaching major exchanges and use any funds necessary to ensure quality listings. Each major exchange have their own criteria for listing, hence we cannot make any guarantees.

Funds will be set aside for marketing on product launch to ensure a successful and popular platform. We are dedicated to launching a successful product.

Partnerships will also be a heavy focus.

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