MAZE Report 10.25 — 11.17

I would like to introduce you the first MAZE Report. It will briefly describe the current situation and the work that has been done so far. I would like to publish reports periodically in the future.

The current situation is not perfect. I have not been able to get enough people to participate in the sale. I made unsuccessful marketing investments. I didn’t know enough about the market. Don’t worry, this is just the beginning. For me it is a great opportunity to learn and work hard. I said:

— OK, I’m not a marketer, but a dev, so I will build my credibility on the results of my work, not on promises, frequent posts, tweets and airdrops.


2020–11–17: Start working on MAZE Protocol smart contracts first on token projects (token creation + pre-sale + staking). Decided to use JustSwap as oracle for prices. Every sale on MAZE will accept any assets (TRC20 tokens) — they will be automatically exchanged to base asset (e.g. TRX, USDT) by JustSwap.

2020–11–16: MAZE Projects Creator for tokens (very early development phase) not connected with TRON blockchain yet. Decided to use Nx ( — for the Creator and in the future for the rest of MAZE parts. WWW:

2020–10–27: MAZE smart contracts published. Available with the source code on TronScan — source code of all smart contracts has been verified (perfect match) except one created by JustSwap ;). Launching the website and token sale dApp.

Current situation in numbers

  1. Token sale (
  • Total depositors: 6

2. Social

3. Github ( — 5 repositories / 17 commits

4. Team — just me :)

Thanks for reading,

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