Token Sale on MAZE — short introduction

MAZE is a brand new fundraising platform based on TRON Blockchain. The main purpose at the moment is to create universal platform for TRC-20 tokens presales.

MAZE Protocol will recognize two types of ERC20 tokens — public and private. Public tokens will be available for purchase at token presales. Token sale will be taxed. All taxes will be used to buy and burn MAZE tokens. Liquidity pool on JustSwap will be required for them.

Private tokens will be distributed in custom way, without presale. There will be a fixed rate instead of the tax. Private tokens may be used as a governance tokens.

Token sales will be listed and available on MAZE sale webpage and in MAZE mobile app. Adding sales can be done manually (standard) or automatically.


In most cases new projects will have more logic than predefined models. Token preparation can be made by MAZE Team or any outside developer.

The MAZE team will prepare open source interfaces for creating sales procedure with all features available on MAZE protocol, such as staking, voting and DAO’s.

Prior to launch, the new project will be audited by the MAZE team to ensure that it complies with the main protocol rules. Verified locked liquidity is the minimal requirement.


This use case is fully automated. It will be available Token Creator, which will allows to create token based on predefined models without coding. Everything will be deployed and managed by MAZE Protocol smart contracts.

Token team will decide about tokens and funds distribution, sale time and referrals. MAZE will takes care of liquidity pools. Staking, voting and the DAO mechanism will be optional.

Automatic procedure will be also available for private tokens. In this case without presale and liquidity pools.

Benefits for MAZE Token hodlers/stakers

As a deflationary token, the MAZE value will be increased after every single presale. Early access for MAZE holders or promo prices will be considered in cooperation with community.

MAZE — Secure fundraising protocol based on JustSwap and TRON Blockchain —